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Refuge Cove, British Columbia – revised to be compatible with later projects  Apr 2015
Refuge Cove is a popular destination for Kenmore Air. A few screenshots from FSX here:

A link to the scenery files:

DHC 2 textures, version 1
These are up-scaled and retouched textures for the FSX Kenmore DHC 2, N9776Z, the favorite Beaver of the founder of Kenmore Air, Bob Munro.
Wake design; thoughts about boat wake design and a few custom wakes (outdated and in need of revision; i.e. may be wrong)
MV_Ocean_Hope for FSX / P3D:  This model is now included in the LR_Object_Library
Entrance Island scenery for FSX – P3D This scenery is now included in PNW AI ferry system
Files that will allow all of the marine nav aids in Orbx PNW to show up on the radar and GPS
Addon Pack for Vic+ V8 and Orbx PNW
The Belleville ferry terminal,  static boats and the AI Coho, plus documentation

*link to the required scenery library*
PNW AI vessels  (Note: this originally was  the Puget Sound AI vessel addon pack, but now expanded to include the latest versions of most of my AI boats posted to date.)


LR_Object_Library   (required for a number of the projects) The latest sound and effects files, the LR_static_aircraft folder and the LR_repaints folder are here too.


Annotated ESP Effects SDK documentation  (a draft version)


Pilotable Norwegian Pearl


PNW AI ferry system – Installments 1 through 8 (as of March 10); most of the BC ferry system and more of the WSF system including all of the planned WSF AI ferries. Duke Point ferry terminal now added to the downloads

Recent screen clips are here: here and here


Pilotable WSF ferry MV Kaleetan