Interim Updates

A list of fixes and updates to the PNW ferry system download. All of the fixes are rolled into the current file.

If you find things I’ve missed, I would be most grateful if you would let me know via the contact page.

January 6, 2016

Deleted duplicate Ocean Hope model from the object library; it may have created a conflict.

December 15

With my Orbx hat on,  I’ve updated the ferry traffic file to fix an issue with Orbx KBID. No other changes. If the ship and ferry slider is set to less than 95%, the huge and inappropriate default ferry will not be seen at Block Island.

September 6

Cleaned up MV Empire State AI vessel, changed the static version to the sistership MV Seavoyager, new wake and wave effect for the AI version.

July 29

Fixed missing Norwegian Jewel AI textures

May 27

Mipmapped the all the AI boats to minimize flickering. Revised a number of wake effects. Added custom wakes for the Queen of Nanaimo and the two Spirit Class BC ferries. Both of these boats can be seen in the vicinity of Nanaimo.

May 18

In preparation for the release of CAC8, I’ve updated the LR_Object_Library to mipmap most of the objects.

This will minimize the flickering currently seen when the camera is moving. Some of the older objects were not mipmapped because the transparencies looked better in P3D v2 without them at least for stationary screenshots. P3D v3.x is a huge improvement and I don’t see any benefit now in not mipmapping.

Note: none of these objects will be used in CAC8 but users of the ferry system may see some of them nearby.

Mar 26

Fixed a number of typos and other minor problems with effects files. Vertical waves should work

better. (Many of the boats do not have these waves implemented yet.)