Ferry traffic file updated for Orbx KBID

In preparation for the release of  Orbx KBID I have made a minor change to the PNW AI ferries traffic file. As long as your ship and ferries slider is set to less than 95 percent you will no longer see a default 5 times oversize Washington state ferry beached on a sandbar. The fix for Orbx Friday Harbor remains.

The Updated_traffic_file.zip is located in this OneDrive folder:


The LR_PNW_ferries_complete.zip file will be updated with this file soon.

CAX6 released by Orbx

Orbx has now released my latest project, CAX6 Ganges Water Aerodrome. https://orbxdirect.com/product/cax6

This was a very special project for me; it was my way of honoring the memory of my friendship with the late Jon Patch. Jon was the one who got me started in this direction.

I should add that words count. Based on such words from sources one can guess, I had made a firm commitment to make things only for my own enjoyment. Jon slowly convinced me otherwise. (But I still worry that it will all blow up in my face.)


Tanker addons for Orbx PAVD

I suppose most of those interested will have already found this but in case not, here is some info about a small addition to the PNW ferry system that adds an AI and a static tanker to Valdez harbor. This functions  as a minor addon for Orbx PAVD, Pioneer Field, now released. Thanks to Marcus for his feedback in implementing this idea.


Instructions specific to Valdez are now in the same OneDrive folder with the rest of the ferry stuff.

Nanaimo CAC8 v1.10 now released

Should any of you have missed it, the service pack for Nanaimo CAC8 has now been released by Orbx. It adds ‘Area B’, the large Departure Bay ferry terminal, the Seair seaplane terminal, reasonably authentic buildings along the waterfront, a high res tug and fuel barge, another AI boat, etc. I guess it’s more than a ‘service pack’; more like a new version.


PNW ferries and Orbx 74S

If you have Orbx 74Sinstalled as well as the PNW ferries, please delete or disable the file LR_PNW_ferries\PhotoQuemes2.bgl. (Note: Guemes is misspelled but I’ll leave it as is for now to avoid confusion.)

If you do not disable the file, a large area of autogen will not appear. This appears to be caused by having one photoscenery file on top of another. The photoscenery in S74 is nearly the same resolution as the “PR” I used for the small area around the ferry terminal so you will probably not notice the difference.

Updates prior to CAC8

In preparation for the release of Orbx CAC8, Nanaimo Water Aerodrome I have been fixing a number of issues that could be distracting. I’ve mipmapped all the textures that were not mipmapped before to minimize flickering as the camera moves. The two Spirit class BC ferries have been re-compiled to get rid of an ugly streak along the side. More boats now have vertical waves. They are still a work in progress however. There are a number of other minor fixes too.

I hope the existing users of the ferries will enjoy the interaction with CAC8. However I wonder if new users accustomed to the ease of use of Orbx products will be frustrated by the complex do-it-yourself installation and use of the ferries. There is no way around this that I can see, and I still figure that you know more about flight sim in general than I do.