Minor update to the ferry system

I’ve now posted a minor update to the PNW ferry system that adds seasonal PR and autogen to the Powell River ferry terminal and the Powell River mill. The idea was to make the flight from Orbx CAG8 to soon to be released Orbx YRC Refuge Cove SPB a little more seamless. The ferry terminal in particular could use a major rebuild but I don’t have the time for it at the moment. At least it should look OK from the air. This update includes a revised AI boat traffic file so that it’s compatible with YRC.

The Duke Point ferry terminal now has seasonal PR and autogen so it should blend better with Orbx CAC8. This is a preliminary revision; I’ll do more when I do a service pack for CAC8.

As before, For P3D users I highly recommend using the installation method described in the instructions. That makes updates as simple as deleting the old LR_PNW_ferries_complete folder and adding the new one. Or if you like, you can replace only the files with ‘date modified’ more recent than the ones you have.