P3D v4 updates, a new boat soon

Hi Folks,

This is about the old adage ‘the more you know the less you know’. It turns out that there are several issues with effects in the initial release of P3D v4. Among them, effect textures are flipped upside down. And in previous versions they had been flipped left right. The LM guys will fix all of this, but it means that my wave effects made to look right in P3D v3 will not look right in V4 as is.

In the process of fixing some of the wake and wave effects I’ve learned more of what should have been obvious. I’ve been using this understanding to fix my Orbx wake effects but it’s taking 1 to 2 hours per effect so it will be some time before I get to all the wakes for each ferry. However I have done a couple.

I have almost finished a new ferry for the Nanaimo Gabriola route; the MV Quinsam which is currently assigned to the route. It’s based on close-up photos I took on my trip up there a couple of years ago and is fairly detailed.

When it’s done I’ll post a new version of the PNW ferries with the new boat, some revised effect (including a better long range lighthouse effect) and a number of other fixes.