CAG8 Pender Harbour SPB announced

This is just a short note to say that I’ve announced my next Orbx project here:

No updates to the PNW ferry system are needed for this one.



Minor PNW ferry updates

It turns out that the latest Orbxlibs update exposed an error in the Taswwassen ferry terminal scenery which is now fixed. A number of other minor errors are fixed too:

Fixed modeling errors including floating bench on Spirit Class ferries
Adjusted several effects including the Queen of Nanaimo wake
Fixed problem with flatten at Tsawwassen which caused landclass to cover the water near the terminal. (Same problem as with Orbx CAC8 Area B.)

See the download link for the latest files.  If you spot other instances of water being covered by landclass, please let me know.  Thanks much,


Edited to add:  it turns out that WinZip was creating corrupt zip files; as of April 6, that should be corrected now.