Major file org revsion

I have significantly revised the file organization for the ferry system. It grew way beyond what I intended at the start and never really had much of a plan.

**First I should say that current users should stick with their current system to avoid ending up with duplicate files.**

I have rolled all the files needed into one large zip file (423 mb) but still located in the same OneDrive folder. It’s linked on the links page. The separate links to the library and boats have been removed. I think the previous structure was just too confusing.

I have also redone the instructions, simplifying them and encouraging P3D users to use the new file organization options in P3D, especially P3D v3. I’ve described how to place the single folder extracted from the zip file download in any location that’s convenient for you and then telling P3D where the files are. That way the ferry system files are completely separate from the sim files. Updating the ferry system is then as simple as replacing one folder. It’s large, but that’s the price. In addition updates to the sim won’t affect the ferry files, and it’s easy to remove every trace of the ferry system should that be needed. I also tried to simplify the instructions for FSX users although I should say that I’m no longer testing things in FSX. The ferry system looks so much better in P3D I cringe when I look at it in FSX.