Updated traffic file for CAC8

Now that my Orbx Freeware project, Nanaimo Water Aerodrome is getting closer to being released I’ve updated the traffic file for the PNW ferries so the MV Bowen Queen will stop at the right place on arriving at Nanaimo. I also adjusted the stopping point at Friday Harbor for the 2 larger ferries so that it’s more compatible with Orbx Friday Harbor.

There are some beta screenshots of the seaplane base here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/113541-announcing-cac8-nanaimo-water-aerodrome/

If you already have the PNW ferry system installed, you can simply replace the existing trafficBoats.bgl file (in the LR_PNW_ferries folder) with the new one in the zip file here.

I’ve also updated the LR_PNW_ferries folder.

I’ve removed the Duke Point Ferry Terminal addition zip file posted several months ago because it’s now included in the folder above.

I should mention that Microsoft in its wisdom has disabled the ability to shorten links to OneDrive where I store the downloads. In so doing, all my existing links were broken. I think I have fixed all the links on the Links to Scenery Files page, but all those associated with older posts are most likely permanently broken.