Now an Orbx team member

I’ve been remiss in not mentioning that I’m now a member of the Orbx team. (As the water boy maybe?) As I’m sure you know, I can’t discuss what I’m doing in that regard, but I want to say that I’ve not abandoned the ferry system which is an independent project of my own and will remain so. I think I can also say that whatever I do, there will be a certain consistency to it. It may be a while until I get back to making more ferry terminals for the existing AI routes, but the general plan of doing the major remaining BC terminals still seems reasonable. At some point, I hope to do more of the lesser terminals in Puget Sound, much like the ones I did for Fauntleroy, Vashon and Southworth.


A fix for inappropriate boat motion in P3D v3.1

My impression is that LM’s first try at having boats respond to 3D waves when using the Ultra water setting is not very successful. I suspect it will be in time, but for now there is a simple fix.

Until I get around to updating all my AI boats with this fix, you can do it yourself by adding the line always_use_avg_surface=1 in the [contact_points] section of the sim.cfg for each boat you want to fix.

It should look like this:



This issue will likely need to be revisited when v3.2 comes out.