Wake effects for P3D v3.1 posted

I’ve now posted updated effect files for P3D such that wakes should display on the water surface. Please read the ‘Read First’ note in the zip file, and please consider these files as beta for the time being. That is, it’s very desirable to  place my effects for P3D v2.5 in a location of your choosing and use the effects.cfg file to point there, per the Learning Center. That way it’s very easy to clean house should things not work right.


Wakes and boat motions in P3D v3.1


P3D v3.1 has a couple of new features that will require a few minor updates to the ferry system.

In v3.1, wakes are displayed on the water surface, even the 3D water surface if so enabled. This is a huge improvement and to my eye, the ferry wakes look much better. At this point it will be worth fine tuning them more. In order to take advantage of this feature the line Ground Decal=1 must be added to each [Particle.n] section of the effect file where it is appropriate. Some of my wake files have emitters that are not intended to display on the water surface so one must be careful. I’m testing a P3D version of my latest effects now and I’ll post it soon.

By default, in v3.1, boats now move about in response to 3D waves using the Ultra setting. Motions for small boats, say like the Water Taxi used in Vic Plus for Orbx PNW the motion is somewhat excessive and using it or not may be individual preference. For the larger ferries the motion is completely unrealistic. In a 16 knot wind, the Super Jumbo AI ferries will put their car decks awash and roll such that passengers and cars could not stay stationary on the decks. The solution is to add a line to the sim.cfg. Something I’ve done and am testing. I do not know yet if this will affect boats in FSX. If it does, it means that either I ask people to one by one replace the sim.cfg files for each boat used in P3D or I make one set of boats for FSX and one for P3D.