Rollup of the ferry system through installment 7 now posted

The rollup of the ferry system through part 7 is now posted. Installment 7 adds the Kingston terminal, the Point Wells tank farm and the WSF ferry MV Walla Walla with a livery for the MV Spokane (not used at the moment). See the instructions for details. Here’s a link:

With the addition of the Walla Walla, the WSF fleet is complete for now, and all routes are represented. At present I am undecided about the level of detail I’ll aim for with the remaining WSF terminals.

Here are a few screenshots of the Kingston terminal and the ferry Walla Walla. 

A little video clip of the area:…h?v=2wPIdB_sZ8Q

The next project will be the Nanaimo BC Seaplane Base including the ferry terminal to Gabriola Island.


Screen clips of the Point Wells tank farm

The next installment of the PNW ferry system (#7) is getting close to done. It will consist of a detailed model of the Kingston terminal and the adjacent marina plus the last of the WSF AI models I intend to do for a while, the MV Walla Walla with a livery for the MV Spokane.

Mostly for visual interest there will also be a model of the dock and tank farm at Point Wells including the static large tanker Empire State at the dock being assisted by two Crowley tugs. This is somewhat of a last minute addition, but the area seemed rather bare without it.  Here are a few screen clips.

I’m resisting the urge to make a temporary Edmonds terminal with a few things from my object library because once I got started I would probably end up doing the whole thing in the manner of the Kingston terminal. So Edmonds will have to wait. Point Wells