PNW ferries – compatibility with P3D v3

Based on some preliminary checking, the PNW ferry system is compatible with P3D v3. There are a few minor things I will fix.

By default version 3 has error logging enabled by default. When you close a session, if errors have been found you will see a message box giving the location of the error log(s). These logs are perhaps more valuable for developers, so if you don’t want to have them generated, in the sim go to Settings – General and uncheck Scenario Error Logging and Content Error Logging.

The only error that affects what you see that I have found so far is a missing railing texture in the AI Tillicum livery of the AI Tillicum model. I’ll update the file, but if you want to fix this yourself, find the texture.MV_Tillikum folder and copy the file from the texture.MV_Klahowya folder.

Errors that do not affect function, but will be fixed:

A dummy texture for an effect is reported as failed to load. A simple fix; it was not needed anyway.

P3D v 3 is not happy with the way CabPack created the .cab files for the custom gauges for the pilotable Kaleetan and I would assume the pilotable Norwegian Pearl. The gauges work, but I will recreate the cab files using CabDir.exe, which appears to solve the issue.