Installment 6 of the PNW AI ferry system posted

I’ve now posted Installment 6 of the PNW AI ferry system. This adds the AI ferries MV Kaleetan, MV Yakima, and MV Hyak to the existing WSF fleet. The pilotable Kaleetan is also available via a separate download. The terminal at Winslow is now represented in some detail, along with fairly authentic marine navigation aids in the area. You should also see a custom freighter anchored near Blake Island. Check the instructions for more info.

See the Links to Scenery Files page  for the download links.


Pilotable WSF ferry MV Kaleetan posted

The pilotable WSF ferry MV Kaleetan is now posted on the links page. It’s based on the AI model included in the soon to be posted installment 6 of the PNW AI ferry system. The instructions are in the zip file. Trying to make an airplane act like a ferry has been an ongoing and only moderately successful process. But with a little accommodation on the part of the user, it’s possible to dock the boat quite accurately say at Port Townsend or the new Winslow terminal included in installment 6, and because it has forward and aft engines, it will back out of a slip. There is only one functional 2D cockpit (pilothouse) so after backing out you must turn around. There are a variety of custom instruments that should be familiar to mariners. A depth sounder for use in P3D is missing, but I’m hoping this will be possible. I’d like to encourage anyone with a particular interest in this boat to contact me.

Preliminary screen shots from installment 6

Here are a few screenshots of  the next little bit of the ferry system.  This  part will include the WSF ferries Kaleetan, Hyak and Yakima and the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal at Winslow. Here’s a link:

I’m also going to post a pilotable version of the Kaleetan. The screenshot of it was taken after bringing it into Slip 2 at Winslow. Admittedly this forum is not very suitable place for the following request (to say the least) but I’m hoping to find one or two knowledgeable people with on-the-water experience to beta test the pilotable Kaleetan. If that’s of particular interest, send me a note via the contact page.