Installment 5 now posted

Installment 5 of the PNW AI ferry system is now posted. Follow the link on the links page and take a look at the new instructions to see what’s been added. As the complexity increases, so do the chances that parts will not work with any particular hardware /software setup. No major issues from limited beta testing however.


First screen clips from installment 5

Here are a few screen clips from the next installment (#5 …. not 6 as I mistakenly posted yesterday!) showing the WSF ferry terminal in Port Townsend as well as some of the custom buildings, and one new boat. I’ll post a list of the new additions soon; it’s more or less a collection of various pieces that have been on hold for a while, thus the short interval between installments.

Thanks to an idea I got from Dieter, the next set of instructions will have a diagram of what goes where which I hope will make it easier for new users.