AI ferries MV Tacoma, MV Wenatchee and MV Puyallup posted

Rather than wait until I have some WSF ferry terminals done, I’m posting AI models for the MV Tacoma, the MV Puyallup and the MV Wenatchee now. This in part because I am trying out some new ideas including a partial solution to the visibility range of marine lights.  There is more about this in the instructions. Use the link to “PNW AI vessels” on the links page and download the file, the latest sound and effects zip file,  as well as the .pdf instructions on what to do with the files.


Screenclips of the AI ferry MV Tacoma

In addition to the two previously mentioned Washington State ferries, I’ve now mostly finished redoing the MV Tacoma AI model. This is probably the most detailed one yet but I think I have more than made up for it with various efficiencies in the way the model is made.

Here are a few preliminary screenshots:

I may post this boat as is, without the terminals it uses. Those are in various stages of completion. Users of the PNW AI ferry system will than have at least one active WSF boat. Actually there will be three because the Tacoma model will have liveries for the MV Wenatchee and the MV Puyallup. I’ll try to make authentic route assignments.