Progress report

Here’s a little progress report: I’ve now finished rebuilding two WSF ferry models; the Tillicum also with a Klahowya livery, and the Hiyu. The Hiyu was the first model I made from scratch and I’ve been fixing it ever since. I think this is the forth major revision. That still leaves most of the WSF models left to redo. I’m in the process of doing the terminals used by these AI boats.

I’ve tweaked the rise and fall bow wave more; I think it’s reasonably acceptable now and it can be scaled to the size of the boat. This is a vertical wave, not a horizontal wake effect.

The visibility range of marine lights (and others too from what I understand) in P3D is very limited and I’ve tried to find a solution for some time.  At least from my tests, P3D seems to have a maximum range of about 6km regardless of the size of the effect, even a test one as large as 100 meters. I have not found a workaround for the 6k max, but I have found a solution to the unrealistic rapid fading of a light as one moves away, this thanks to a suggestion from Holger. FSX has more or less the same issue. This is in part because in real life the pupil dilates when the intensity of the light is low, and thus lets in more light.  Holger’s suggestion was to create a custom texture for the light, mipmap it and edit the smallest mipmaps, making them larger. It took me a while to find the exact sequence of steps that would work in P3D, but once I did, it occurred to me that if one is going to edit the mipmaps, why not edit all of them? In fact, why not completely replace some of them with custom versions? This may have a wider application besides tweaking light effects. I’m planning to post new running light effects that use this method soon should any want to try them.  In addition to the running lights, I’ve redone my custom effects for lighthouses in Puget Sound.  These correspond to the characteristics of the light with reasonable accuracy. The alternating red and white flashing lights at Point Wilson and West Point had been a particular problem, but I now have an acceptable solution that works in FSX and P3D.