P3D v2.5 and the ferry system

I have not yet tried the ferry system in the just released P3D v2.5 however based on the information on the P3D forum, users will need to be aware of the following: there is no default Addon folder in the P3D program folder although apparently you can add one manually. LM is asking professional developers to modify their installations such that the addons will be separate from the P3D program files. Among other things, this preserves the addons during P3D updates.

I don’t know yet if this idea will apply to SimObjects and/or effects too.  Although it would require learning to do things a little differently, I think this would be very useful; as is it’s almost impossible to tell where effects came from. I often have a hard time finding my own effects!  So until the dust settles and there is a standard recommendation for freeware, users should read the new information in the Learning Center and decide where to put the ferry system files based on this information. Orbx has not yet released installers for version 5 and using the ferry system with Orbx PNW is not recommended, so there is time for the dust to settle.