Preliminary screen clips from installment 2 of the AI ferry system

Here are a few preliminary screenshots from the second installment of the PNW AI ferry system, starting at Horseshoe Bay and working around the Strait of Georgia counterclockwise. These are all from P3D v2.4. I’ll add more clips as I do them.


About installment 2 of the ferry system

I should be able to post the second installment of the ferry system soon. It will consist of the remaining two BC ferry models, the MV Tenaka and the MV Bowen Queen, a couple of additional AI vessels, terminals for the routes to Denman Island and Hornby Island, Campbell River to Quadra Island, Quadra Island to Cortez Island, Comox to Powell River, Saltery Bay to Earls Cove, Langdale to Gambier Island and Langdale to Horseshoe Bay for a total of 15 terminals. There will also be a moderately detailed rendition of the Powell River mill. This will leave the terminals at Swartz Bay, Duke Point and Departure Bay left to do. Each of these will most likely end up as larger projects so it is uncertain when they will get done or how much detail I will put into them. I hope to post the central Gulf Island terminals in conjunction with Jon’s project but it may happen earlier.

I’ve not decided If I will start redoing some of the WSF stuff before completely finishing off the BC part of the ferry system.   It depends on how much I feel like doing something different.

Scope of the AI ferry project

This project started a number of years ago as an effort to replace the quite inappropriate default Washington State AI ferry I saw arriving at Nanaimo the first time I tried Orbx PNW. The scope has since expanded for no particular reason. Until now it has been just for my own amusement and personal use. This means it’s idiosyncratic.  When all the components are posted there will be roughly 7 BC AI ferries and 15 WSF AI ferries represented, around 50 terminals in Southern BC and Puget Sound, some associated scenery and plus 7 additional AI commercial vessels. The later have already been posted. Most of the AI models have gone through multiple iterations getting a little better each time, and all will have been redone using some newer methods before I post them. The terminals vary in degree of detail; some are quite complicated and others are quite minimal, mostly depending size and location. Lighthouses for Puget Sound have authentic light characteristics although range in the current versions of P3D remain a problem. At least one of the ferries will have a pilotable version, thus the desire for appropriate aids to navigation.

There is no time frame. Making a new boat from scratch can take me as long as two months. Revisions take 2 or 3 weeks each. All of this system has been functioning on my machine, however most of the older parts are not suitable for distribution and need work.

P3D v2.5 and the ferry system

I have not yet tried the ferry system in the just released P3D v2.5 however based on the information on the P3D forum, users will need to be aware of the following: there is no default Addon folder in the P3D program folder although apparently you can add one manually. LM is asking professional developers to modify their installations such that the addons will be separate from the P3D program files. Among other things, this preserves the addons during P3D updates.

I don’t know yet if this idea will apply to SimObjects and/or effects too.  Although it would require learning to do things a little differently, I think this would be very useful; as is it’s almost impossible to tell where effects came from. I often have a hard time finding my own effects!  So until the dust settles and there is a standard recommendation for freeware, users should read the new information in the Learning Center and decide where to put the ferry system files based on this information. Orbx has not yet released installers for version 5 and using the ferry system with Orbx PNW is not recommended, so there is time for the dust to settle.

PNW AI ferry system – Installment 1

Installment 1 of the PNW AI ferry system is now linked on the ‘Links to Scenery Files’ page.

It consists of the Tsawwassen ferry terminal and the AI vessels that use it. Screen clips are here:

Please read the documentation before downloading the parts to see if this stuff will meet your needs. I’m posting this ‘as is’ because if I were to fix every problem I see it would never be posted.  Be sure that you understand the instructions sufficiently so that you can completely remove the appropriate files and folders and revert to your prior setup should you wish to do so. I’ll try to describe the scope of the project in more detail in a subsequent post.