Preliminary Tsawwassen screenshots

Thanks to Jon for posting some screenshots of the current state of the Tsawwassen terminal. I never seem to take the time.

Even though it’s mostly done, every day I find a host of embarrassing errors that need fixing. I’ve givenĀ  up on the hope of finding them all. I guess this will end up another wysiwyg.




The next part of the ferry scenery will include Tsawwassen and one additional BC ferry model leaving only one more to revise. I’m fairly well along in completely revising and extending my original Taswwassen model. The entire area is now one huge model and it includes all of the major buildings as far east as the toll booths and associated structure. The advantage of using a model for the ground surface is that I can shape it any way I want including making a breakwater using the same high resolution orthoimage texture for the ground surface. I’m not sure about the frame rate impact; currently the model is the rough equivalent of three ferry models. The terminal serves as a destination for 4 AI routes and it’s possible that there may be 3 boats there at times. My guess is that this will not work that well on lower end machines. I hope to have some preliminary screenshots soon.