Update on the PNW ferry system

A quick update on the PNW ferry system:

I’ve now finished two more terminals; Sturdies Bay and Saturna Island. Jon has posted a few clips here


This completes all the BC ferry terminals in the Gulf Islands other than Nanaimo, Duke Point, and Swartz Bay.  The latter, including Sidney will be separate projects.  Since it seemed as least vaguely plausible, I placed one of the most detailed tugs I’ve made as a static model at the exit of Active Pass, towing a covered barge. This will be part of the first installment of the ferries. I may make an AI version of this tug sometime.

Besides contributing a few odds and ends for Jon’s next project, the next thing on the list is to re-do my Tsawwassen terminal. If my latest experiment works, the huge parking lot will be a large Sketchup model with texture resolution clear enough so that the lane numbers are sharp.  foss3 foss1 foss2 foss4