AI vessel screen clips

s1Port Townsend mill


Puget Sound AI vessel addon pack

The Puget Sound AI vessel addon pack I’ve been working on off and on for the last couple of years is now about as done as it’s going to get for a while.

The download consists of two AI cargo ships, one AI tanker, three AI tugs, and one static covered barge, another static barge, all at a level of detail similar to the boats I did for the Victoria BC area. In addition, the paper mill at Port Townsend is modeled to some extent to make the end of one of the tug routes more realistic. The tanker is the most detailed boat I’ve made yet. All are modeled from photos I’ve taken in the Seattle area.

What’s unusual about the two AI cargo vessels is that they stay in their proper VTS lanes both inbound and outbound of Puget Sound. (Adherence to VTS regs is strictly enforced by the Coast Guard for good reason.) The tanker goes from the ship pilot area off Port Angles to one of the docks at Anacortes. The tugs have at least vaguely plausible routes.

I should mention that  level of detail of the models may impact performance depending on the sim setup, but that has never been a concern high on my priority list.

The link to the files as well as more info is here: