AI water taxi for Vic+ and Orbx PNW

Revised 8014; I’ve now posted the AI Victoria water taxi to be used with Vic+ for Orbx PNW. As with the AI Coho, this is definitely not for everyone. The link to the files can be found on this page:

This boat is intended to work with Vic+ for Orbx PNW SP 1; the file that controls the boat will be /is included in the SP.

I’ve included a few caveats in the instructions that mention some of the compromises. The route of the AI water taxi is semi-authentic. I had hoped to have it follow the exact route used by the real boats but this proved to be impossible because of interference with other AI routes. The wake issues in P3D v2.2 seem to be solved in v2.3 although as of this writing I have not had a chance to look at the custom wakes in detail. The water in v2.3 is a vast improvement over 2.2, and may even surpass FSX.

The Vic+ SPĀ  has a few static versions of the water taxi tied up where one might expect to find them. If you ever get the chance to visit Victoria, take a walk out to Ogden Point, then on the way back, take the water taxi across the harbour and head back towards the Empress, making a very nice loop walk.