VicPlus addons

I’ve now posted several new things for those brave souls who might want to try them.
1) A quite detailed static model of the Port Angles to Victoria BC ferry, MV Coho and for those who have VicPlus, a placement file that will locate the model at the terminal in Victoria.

I’ll be making an AI version of the same model. Substituting this model for the default FSX ferry requires using a replacement trafficboats.bgl file, and I’ve not decided whether to make a temporary one with only this change, or wait until the PNW ferry system is at least partially ready.

It occurred to me that it would be very easy for me to make the Coho pilotable by simply adapting the files I used for the WSF ferry Kaleetan (stuck at about 99% completed), except that it would not have a virtual cockpit (wheelhouse).
2) A moderately detailed model of the cargo ship MV Tai Harvest, and a placement file for VicPlus such that the pilot boat goes out to its location, comes along side and then departs. The pilot boat functions using AI aircraft files so in order for it to work, the general aviation slider must be set to 40 percent or higher (as I remember.)

Thanks to Jon Patch for his help in checking these files out, but if they don’t work, it’s on me.

3) Although its not something most aviation enthusiasts would find useful, I’ve also posted a .bgl that will result in all of the Orbx PNW marine navigation aids showing up in the GPS and on the radar. This means that routes can be planned using these waypoints. More about this in the zip file.

Thanks much to Holger for giving me access to his nav aid database, which I used to generate the waypoints.



MV Tai Harvest

MV Tai Harvest

Another new model. There will also be a placement file such that the VicPlus pilot boat comes out to it’s location off Trial Island