Port Angles Victoria ferry MV Coho

Somehow I keep getting sidetracked. I’ve been working on a model of the tanker Empire State off and on for a while and when it’s done I can put a small Puget Sound AI boat traffic package together. Among other things, the boats will follow the VTS lanes, and there will not be 4 or 5 cargo vessels anchored in a circle in Elliot Bay, something that looks very odd to say the least.

But somehow I ended up doing Refuge Cove on a lark, and then Entrance Island, both of these because of memories of long ago. And now I am off on another sidetrack.

I’ve been so pleased to find a way to get VicPlus working with Orbx PNW both in FSX and P3D v2.1 (the Orbx forum has the details) and this prompted me to fix up the one remaining ferry route left to do; the Port Angeles – Victoria crossing.¬† This mainly ¬†because the default FSX ferry looks absolutely ridiculous when it shows up in the Jon Patch – Holger Sandmann scenery.

It turns out that the ferry MV Coho was designed by Phil Spaulding and served as the basis for a number of the older BC ferries, including the Queen of Nanaimo, a model I’ve already done. Patrick Lawson, an amazingly productive marine photographer, has given me permission to use a few of his really great images of the Coho for photo textures, so I’m in the process of modifying the Queen of Nanaimo model rather than start from scratch. It looks good so far, and may end up being one of the most detailed of the ferry models I’ve done…. and thus increasingly unsuitable for those interested primarily in aviation. Oh well.